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More Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

more body changes

Image courtesy of Rapael Labbe


Since I have radically changed my diet, I have experienced a few more changes to my body and how it works.

Fast Weight Loss Stabilises

Firstly, my weight has now stabilised at around 11 st 4lbs (71.6 kgs). And it looks like it is staying that way. So I have lost about 1 st 5lbs (8.6 kgs) in under two months, which is some going. More so, in that I wasn’t even trying to lose weight.

My face has lost much of it puffiness and my belly is about half the size it used to be.

3 Weeks, 3 Changes

For 3 – 4 weeks or so I have gone through a 7 – 9 day cycle of moving from one somewhat unpleasant sensation to another. It started with a week or so of  spots, blackheads and pimples all over my body – more than I usually have anyway. I wasn’t covered in them, or anything like that, but it was noticeable that I had more. They didn’t bother me too much either, other than worrying me a little as to why they were suddenly appearing now.

And then they disappeared.

This was followed neatly by excessive tiredness and a few low-level headaches. Again for about 7 – 9 days. I found myself having to go to bed between 9pm and 10pm every night as I simply couldn’t stay awake any longer. Again, this corrected itself too.

The final change was what I can only describe as trapped wind. Every day and throughout the day again for 7 – 9 days, I was plagued with a painful abdomen and a, well, excessively farty bum. I was producing so much gas that I could power the national grid. Wasn’t too smelly though, just a lot of gas. Again, it soon stopped.

I was starting to worry that I would go through one unpleasant thing after another from now on – great. But then, after three weeks, it all stopped as suddenly as it started.

The reason? A friend of my partner is convinced I was going through a liver cleanse and detox. I guess that could be it.

Skin & Hair

My skin has maintained its smoothness and sheen, apart from the week mentioned above. My hair now takes an extra day to get greasy and need a wash. Also my body odour now takes a little longer to arrive, and I can survive a day or so without deodorant of any sort if I choose.

body clock

Your body clock matters


Body Clock Changes

This final change has really surprised me as it is so unexpected. My body clock seems to have changed dramatically. I have always been something of a nightowl, staying up until all hours of the night and early morning routinely.

But now I find myself waking up early – almost at dawn. I can’t help myself – I just want to get up then even if I try and lie in for a few extra zzzz’s. It’s as though my body clock has reset itself from the night to the morning.

Will my new diet deliver any more unpredictable changes?

Watch this space…


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