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Gum Infection / Dissection

Treating gum infection

I have been wearing my temporary dentures with an adjustable spring for 2 months now. It’s not been the most pleasant of experiences what with a lisp, unwieldy eating and a large plate in the roof of my mouth, clipped to my teeth.

Today is review day where my dentist will see how well, if at all, the spring has pushed my tooth forwards back into alignment with the rest of my upper teeth.

Tooth Move Success

temporary dentures

My temporary denture

I was sitting in my least favourite place in the world – the dreaded dentist’s chair. This time, there was no drill or poking around. This time I heard some good noises emanating from my dentist. My tooth has moved back into place. I could tell that it had moved each time I ran my tongue over my tooth; I just wasn’t sure how much or if it was enough.

This is fantastic news as it means I can now move on to the next stage of my teeth repairs: fitting a dental implant where my missing tooth is and a new crown on the tooth that has been moved forward. Then, hopefully, I will have my smile back, or at least a close version of what I used to have.

But, with me, there is always a setback; a sting in the tail.

Gum Infection

Why is it always one step forwards, two steps back?

dental implant

Still hoping for a dental implant

My dentist checked over my exposed gums and discovered a very small amount of white pus oozing from the gum line where my tooth is missing. This was bad news. Very bad news.

He informed me that my dental implant will have to be placed on hold until this infection has been cleared up. He immediately prescribed a course of antibiotics, regular rinsing with Corsodyl mouthwash and, deep gulp, a minor operation just to open up my gum and see if there is anything lodged there possibly from the original accident that is causing the new infection.

I don’t really have a choice so I agreed and he made a swift incision and pulled back my top gum after applying a local anaesthetic. Even though I felt dissected like some abhorrent animal experiment, turns out that he couldn’t see anything there or where the infection could be coming from. And the bone looked decent enough to hold an implant without the need for a scan. Following a good clean with Corsodyl, he stitched me up and sent me off on my way.

The stitches felt odd, furry even as I ran my tongue over my gums. My lips were swollen but nowhere near as bad as I expected.

So now I have to wait a few more weeks so that the stitches can be removed and heal up and for the infection to clear up. Then, if all goes well, I can finally start the dental implant process.

Spiralling Down

So more waiting. More discomfort.

As I left and headed home, I admit that I started to cry. Just couldn’t believe my luck.

Everything simply got on top of me and I couldn’t hold my emotions in check. I felt so low again and so quickly after I felt a real boost with the news that my tooth had successfully moved back into position.

But that has now evaporated to be replaced with a deep depression that I can’t shake.


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