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Body Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

body changes
It’s been about one month since I radically reformed my diet and there are definite changes happening. When it comes to any body changes, I didn’t really know what to expect with one exception. I knew that when I stopped taking Azathioprine my urine would return back to normal colour. Previously, the daily 150mg of the drug turned my urine to a very dark yellow, almost green, colour. Well, my urine is now normal again as the Azathioprine has left my body. And I can’t say I’ve noticed any negative impact from not taking it either, which is great too.

Rapid Weight Loss

I have already stopped the hardcore Alkaline Diet. I felt I had to really. It’s definitely not the easiest of diets to follow as there are so many everyday foods that you can’t eat, or can only eat in very small quantities are they are so acidic. I did manage to stick to it rigidly for about 2 weeks but it was tough.

Body changes: rapid weight loss

Body changes: rapid weight loss

I shed so much weight that my family started to get worried about me. And that’s with eating 4 – 5 meals a day. The big problem with this diet is calories – or the lack of them. I know it sounds at odds with today’s obesity-obsessed culture, but it really isn’t easy to consume the 2,500 cals a day on an alkaline diet. I lost nearly 2 stones (28 pounds) in just 14 days. Before I started the diet, I weighed 12st 9lbs (80kg) which quickly fell to just 11st (70kg) or even less.

A one point, it felt that whenever I farted I lost a pound!

So I had to at least stabilise my weight, otherwise I could be heading for other, different, health problems. Which is the last thing I need. So I switched from the alkaline to my own diet and this has done the trick and my weight now oscillates from 11st 3lbs (71kg) to 11 st 7lbs (73kg). Still a lot lighter than I was though.

Body Changes: Clear Skin

My skin has changed substantially. Gone are the few spots, blackheads and pimples I did have on my face. My skin has an oily sheen to it now, even glowing as some people have remarked. It also has a smoothness to touch which I haven’t had for decades.

I also sleep a little better too.

Body Changes: Like Clockwork

2 green smoothies a day

2 green smoothies a day

One of the more surprising changes has been to my number 2’s. In my pre-diet days, I would go to toilet throughout the day, both for a wee and a poo. This has been transformed. Now I wake up and poo a couple of times in quick succession and then it’s typically just weeing for the rest of the day.

And it’s been like this for 3 weeks. Regular as clockwork.

My sense of taste has also adapted to the lack of sweetness in my diet. When I do taste something sweet like I did recently by mistakenly taking a swig from my daughter’s lemonade, I couldn’t believe how intense the sweetness was. I found it hard to drink it was so strong. You truly realise just how much sugar is added to fizzy drinks after you retrain your tastbuds like this.

I’ve also found the 2 green smoothies a day regime surprisingly easy to follow. I do mix it up ingredients-wise, but I always have 2 different green veggies, like kale, spinach, celery and broccoli, in each and every smoothie without fail. Each smoothie is always complemented by an assortment of optional extras from turmeric, papaya and flax seed oil to spirulina and barleygrass..

It’s early days and I don’t want to get too carried away but my new diet is yielding some exciting body changes.

And such results just make your more determined to stick to it, to see what else will happen…


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