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New Teeth, Same Problems

new teeth

Well, I can’t believe this day has finally arrived. After God knows how many visits to my dentist, today is the merciful day that I have my two new teeth fitted.

It has been a truly long haul. It was back in January that I passed out in the hospital toilet after my cancer operation and woke up sprawled on a grey tiled floor with blood and teeth smeared everywhere. Since then, I have had to wear a temporary denture with a spring to push a tooth back into position, had more than my fair share of dentist drill nightmares and endured dental implant surgery.

But all of that oral terror is in the past now. My new teeth are ready.

dental crown

New dental crown fitted

New Teeth

After a friendly nod of recognition, I was sat in the ever-so-familiar chair stationed underneath the stark white light radiating from the lamp overhead. The first job: remove my temporary crown. A little tugging, pulling and drilling and it is off and in the bin.

The second job: carefully cement my new crown on to my newly exposed remnant of a tooth. It was a pretty straightforward procedure. My dentist applied the cement and subsequently held my new crown in place for a few minutes while the cement set.

The third job: screw in my new implant on to my implant abutment. He simply removed the ultra-thin plastic shielding on the abutment and screwed in the crown.

And that was it. Ten months and over £3000 worth of despair, pain and discomfort was over.

I have to keep it as clean as possible, but my next appointment is a full 6 months away. A lifetime in to the future.

New Teeth, New Confidence?

My new teeth are, well, GREAT!! My mouth does feel odd, contorted, misshapen – alien even. But it is a revelation not to have to wear my acrylic denture any more (I’ve packed that away for safekeeping in a small tub of water).

I will get used to my new teeth and how they feel in my mouth in time. Now I feel I can smile, talk without obstruction and eat like everyone else. It does make a wonderful change from what I usually experience with all things medical.

New Teeth, Same Problems

New teeth, same problems

New Teeth, Same Problems

But my upbeat mood, as ever, is too short-lived. Next week I have my third cancer check-up in what feels like no time at all. And, as if to rub salt into the wound, on the same day I have a school meeting to discuss my son’s progress and development, or lack of it, since his brain injury all those years ago.

I can’t say I am looking forward to either to be honest. The best I can hope for from the former is no lumps and bumps and another agonising appointment in 3 months time. Fucking wonderful. For the latter, it is always TOTAL torment. Like a poisonous black parasite nibbling away at me from within, forever shadowing and toying with my soul, it is NEVER good news.

I fucking HATE it.

As a leave my dentist and head out into the remainder of the day, my mood plummets despite my new teeth to perfectly complement the ash grey, overcast sky that greets me. Looks like we both are about to cry in our own way…


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