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The Cough Returns

cough returns

Well, my theory has been proven to be NOT true.

I’ve been drug free – no steroids or immuno-suppressants – for a few weeks now and my cough is definitely returning.

For the first 10 days or so off the drugs, I was really pleased – in fact astounded – by the absence of any sarcoidosis symptoms. The cough, which had been ever-present in my life for over a decade hadn’t returned and I didn’t feel unusually tired or lethargic.

So it all bode well.

Heavy Cold Blues

But then I caught a terrible cold. A real stinker that was doing the rounds. I spent two days in bed, my breathing very laboured and raspy. As I started to get over it, the accompanying cough didn’t dissipate like it did for other sufferers. No, mine lingered on and that oh-so-familiar feeling of a constant tickle in the back of my throat and the feather sensation at the top of my lungs grew in intensity.

The sarcoidosis is back.

Stopping the drugs completely and immediately hadn’t worked liked I’d hoped for.

Rather than reach for the steroids and relieve my symptoms as I knew they inevitably would, I’ve decided to stick it out until my next clinic appointment with the consultants as the Royal Brompton which is soon. Then I will see what the true effect of being drug free is.

And, of course, it’s hardly helped my mental state, which is so very fragile. I’ve become more depressed and morose as my cough has exacerbated and my family has started to complain  about the incessant hacking and spluttering that is now fast becoming the background noise of their daily lives.

How bad will it get and what will be the effect on my breathing and lungs? And how dependent, like some pill junkie, am I really on steroids?


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